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in life and in death

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make me choose: House Stark or House Lannister

One day all the beasts will bow down to you.

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I just spent twenty minutes crying bc i was very afraid
I only managed to stop bc i reminded myself that crying raises stress levels and is probably very bad for heart stuff and philli you don’t want to get heart disease right? Good then stop crying gdi
So i started crying bc i was afraid and i stopped crying bc i was afraid. Ladies and gents and misc, fear seems to be the sole motivator of my decisions.


no, it's not a guilty pleasure. why should i be embarrassed  about damn good music? 
fast-paced heart-thumping floor-vibrating-bassline songs for killing it on the dance floor under neon lights and dancing in pajamas at 3am in your bedroom. 


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Artist: Ludwig Von Beethoven
Album: The Works
Played: 2,732 plays.


I Want To Break Free-Ludwig Von Beethoven

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I have sinned and must atone.They think that this will break my pride, that it will make an end to me, but they are wrong.

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askmissbernadette said: …I feel like I entered this conversation at an odd time.

there’s never a non-odd time to enter conversations about german movies.

bowlegs-and-freckles said: .. alder was gugsch du? :D

her lover just ate some dog food from his cereal bowl and when he bit down he was like “…dog food? whatever” and kept eating

now five old men from hamburg are dancing to “born to be wild” on the street

there’s a naked woman holding a cello between her body and playing vivaldi on it on tv

porn? no. original german thriller movie. what the hell